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Find and fix what matters to stay secure

Trusted by seed stage thru post series-C companies

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Focus valuable engineering time on securing what really matters

Real World Issues We've Found

  • Public-facing build server with credentials sent over an unencrypted channel
  • Database machines directly exposed to the internet
  • Deficient security groups exposing debug ports
  • Publicly accessible SQS & SNS endpoints
Curated Assesment

Gold Fig gives you visibility into your AWS settings with a focus on surfacing configuration best practices related to security, data protection, and privacy.

Catch Mistakes You've Put Off

Security-related best practices are often deprioritized when doing product iteration. Gold Fig is the easiest way for you to ensure you don’t have any glaring issues in your AWS infrastructure.

Proper Context

We’ll help you find the issues that are relevant to the stage of your company. Gold Fig will produce a concise and actionable report detailing high priority and severity issues for your account.


Gold Fig Labs is a team of engineers in San Francisco, California. Our goal is to bring better engineering practices and peace of mind to cloud infrastructure teams. Gold Fig has helped companies both large and small. We're funded by Y Combinator and are always looking to hire talented engineers, designers, and marketers.