Change List

Version Control For Settings Pages

Gold Fig makes it simple to record and track changes to any of your tools
Catch Mistakes Early

You'll be notified of changes as they happen on the sites your team uses. Screen recordings show exactly what changed so you know what to undo

History Of Changes

Get the full historical context of changes to your site. Use the "why" of the change that happened to understand how things are configured.

Less Confusion

With Gold Fig you can empower more team members to make changes across the services powering your product. If anything needs to be reviewed Gold Fig provides a permanent URL for all changes across any service.

Works across all your tools

supported sites

With support for over 40 providers, internal tools, dashboards, and sites.


Slack notifications keep your team up to date as changes happen across all your services. Gold Fig provides high signal notifications instead of a river of audit logs.

Export your Gold Fig log to a Git repo to enable automation you previously didn't have access to. With the JSON behind each change you can now enforce constraints, run integration test, and verifications.


Gold Fig Replay enables you to view the complete change as it happened as a video-like playing of the setting. It's perfect for handing off for on-boarding new team members, replaying settings between staging and production, and reviewing config changes.

Commit Messages

Use the Gold Fig Chrome extension to capture the intent behind changes as they happen.

Repository Of Changes

Each change your team makes has a permanent URL that can be referenced in GitHub Issues, Asana, or anywhere your team collaborates.


Fan out changes as they happen to keep your team up to date. Notifications can be sent via email, Slack, or wired in to PagerDuty.


Gold Fig Labs is a team of engineers in San Francisco, California. Our goal is to bring better engineering practices and more confidence to all the tools you already use. Gold Fig is used by over 100 teams including companies large and small. We're funded by Y Combinator and are always looking to hire talented engineers, designers, and marketers.