Vikrum Nijjar
October Gold Fig Updates

Over the past month we've been listening to your feedback and have new features for your team to use.

  • Zapier You can now send Gold Fig changesets to Zapier — keep your team in the loop by connecting to your Discord, Gmail, Trello or any other service supported by Zapier. Get started at
  • More visibility The Gold Fig extension now displays when you're on a page that has changes from anyone on your team. Now you'll have context before changing a config: Tab History Popup
  • Weekly rollup email Every week we'll send your team a digest of the changes that happened across all your services. We'd love to hear any feedback on what else you'd like to see here.

As always, we want to hear where you'd like to see Gold Fig go next.We're busy working on Autopilot (Gold Fig automatically captures changes without showing popup) and if you'd like to help test it, drop us a line. Next up, we want to hear about what else you'd like to track with Gold Fig:

  1. When my team does a deploy to production, save details about it to Gold Fig.
  2. Manual entries in to the Gold Fig log such as policy/procedure updates, notes about your tools, or putting a marker in the log about something else.

Vote by tweeting us at @goldfiglabs

See you next month!