Products to save your team time and reduce toil

Gold Fig offers products used by companies ranging from startups thru large enterprises. Whether you are just beginning your security journey or already have compliance efforts under way, we can help your team save time.


As companies grow, it becomes important to understand your infrastructure beyond what IaC intends. Infrastructure-as-deployed provides insight into what is actually deployed, regardless of how it arrived to that state. Gold Fig gives you the clearest view into your infrastructure-as-deployed.


Periodic security and best practices report for your AWS account, targeted at the stage of your company. Get specific, actionable, relevant advice on improving your security posture.


Introspector is a tool for companies with larger cloud deployments and complex regulatory requirements, including custom internal policies. Policy requirements are translated into SQL queries, enabling a database-backed reporting system to plug into your security, compliance, and governance infrastructure.



No software needs to be installed or managed. Grant an IAM Role to Gold Fig and we’ll do the rest



Whether you are using IaC, the commandline, or the AWS Console, Gold Fig has you covered.


Expertise not required

Maintain secure infrastructure without having to be a cloud security expert.